Please remember to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the Worship Service so that you have time to get ready and to robe.  The candles should be lit 5 minutes before the start of the Worship Service.  If you have any questions please find and talk to the head usher for that morning.
Sunday Morning Worship @  9:00am
December 2019
December 1st
Sam B.
December 8th
Bree R.
December 15th
Claire V.
December 22nd
Volunteer – SSCWS
January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
Wednesday Evening Worship @  7:00pm
September 2019
September 18th
Mariah G.
Mike S. (A/V)
September 25th
Hunter S.
Kellen N. (A/V)
October 2019
October 2nd
Andrew B.
Ava E. (A/V)
October 9th
Michael H.
Courtney H. (A/V)
October 16th
Volunteers (MEA)
No Confirmation Classes
October 23rd
Parker S.
Trevor K. (A/V)
October 30th
Skyler K.
Brooke B. (A/V)
November 2019
November 6th
Emma M.
Brooklyn C. (A/V)
November 13th
Drew A.
Dylan M. (A/V)
November 20th
Luke R.
Chase D. (A/V)
November 27th
No Confirmation Classes
Thanksgiving Eve Worship @ 7:00pm
Ayla S. (Acolyte)
Aaron H. (A/V)
December 2019
December 4th
Payton S. (Acolyte)
Henry B. (A/V)
Skyler K. (Lector)
Hunter S. (Usher)
Mike S (Usher)
December 11th
Hudson M. (Acolyte)
Ava E. (A/V)
Andrew B. (Lector)
Trevor K. (Usher)
Parker S. (Usher)
December 18th
Sophie G. (Acolyte)
Kellen N. (A/V)
Courtney H. (Lector)
Calla B. (Usher)
Brooke B. (Usher)
December 25th
January 1st
No Worship Service