Acolyte Schedule & Sign-Up
Call Vicar Susan if your students is willing to serve as an Acolyte for a Worship Service listed above that does not already have an Acolyte assigned.
Vicar Susan: 320.292.1032 (cell/text) or clceducation@christluth.com
Acolyte Training
Acolyte training is for all 5th grade students & any 6th – 9th grade students that have not yet had Acolyte training.  
The training is normally held in September each year.  If your student was unable to attend the training in September and would like to serve as an Acolyte, please contact Vicar Susan @ 320.292.1032 (cell/text).
Please remember to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the Worship Service so that you have time to get ready and to robe.  
The candles should be lit 5 minutes before the start of the Worship Service.  
If you have any questions please find and talk to the head usher for the Worship Service.