Choir & Bell Choir Brainstorm Meeting

Hello friends in Choir and Bell Choir,
As you have heard, Randy Wilson has retired from directing our two choirs. The Personnel Committee is looking for a new person or persons to do this job, but at this time (August 25), nobody has been found yet. We have so much dedication …… and talent and energy in our groups that we should figure out a way to continue while we are waiting for a search process to turn someone up.
Pastor Elizabeth and I (as chair of Worship and Music) would like to propose a meeting of each group on Wednesday, September 7. Since it is an Abundant Table evening, the Bell Choir could meet at 5:30 in the sanctuary (giving you time to eat first if you wished); bells would not need to set up tables. Choir members would meet at 6:00 in the chapel. The purpose of the meetings would be to brainstorm – to talk over what our options are and to make suggestions for Personnel or come up with other ideas that will help us continue. I don’t think that either meeting will last more than half an hour.
Between now and then, if you have ideas, please let one of us know! (Also, if a director or directors are found between now and then, they may change the plans for this evening at any time.) In addition, if anyone would like to sing a solo, or would like to sing or play in a small group for any of the Sundays from September 11 on, please let Vicky know.
Thank you all!Vicky Harris

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