Hear the Good News!
Confirmation is a chance to really dig deep into the Christian faith
and hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Open to all students 7th Grade and up, our three year confirmation program offers
fellowship, community building, discussion, and fun activities!

Digging Deep

Throughout their three years, confirmation students will attend a weekly class each Wednesday held at Christ Lutheran Church. These engaging lessons are designed to dig deeper into what it means to be Christian; they touch on Biblical Stories, Lutheran History, the Catechism, and how to apply Christianity to everyday life.

Building Community

Having the support and encouragement of other Christian students is something we place a lot of value on. To help our confirmation students in this endeavor, we provide a number of community building opportunities! We host a number of Youth Activities throughout the year, as well as involve our students in the many special events that occur at Christ Lutheran Church. Additionally, we participate in Youth Synod Gatherings, Confirmation Retreats, and Summer Bible Camps.

Serving Others

One of the core teachings of Jesus was to give and care freely. We hope to instill this principle in our students through various service projects we lead. Students will learn how to be Acolytes during Worship Services, assist in meal preparation and serving for our Lenten Suppers, help us clean-up highway ditches, and volunteer to help the various ministries in the church.

Asking Questions

All stages of a person’s faith journey can lead to hard questions. Knowing this, we have implemented a Mentor system for our students. Each confirmation student gets to choose a Confirmation Mentor who will be with them through their three year confirmation journey. Each Lenten season, we provide times for our students and their mentors to come together and discuss the Christian faith. This is a time for our students to ask questions, raise concerns, and see an example of what it is like to live the Christian life.

Register Today!

If any of this sounds like something you or your child wants to partake in, then we encourage you to register for our confirmation program! 2023-2024 Confirmation Orientation night is September 13th, and the first day of class is September 20th. Follow the link to the right and fill out the form to sign-up!
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