Christ Lutheran will celebrate Christ the King & our 2020 Mission Sunday on November 22nd. Due to current restrictions, Mission Sunday service this year will be quite different from previous years, but our focus and emphasis on mission work remains the same. 
We have chosen two mission efforts as our focus for this Mission Sunday:
Gifts of Grace and Lutheran World Relief.
Gifts of Grace (click link to visit website) is a continuation of the “Lily Grant” that our Southwest Mn. Synod received a few years ago. The current grant is a dollar for dollar match to help Pastors in our synod conference with student loan debt, excess medical expense, and retirement funding shortfalls. Many of our Pastors entered the clergy after working in a different career. Many of these “second career” Pastors have incredibly large student loan debt. We have Pastors that currently serve as many as three congregations and additionally work part-time to be able to cover student loan payments.
Lutheran World Relief (click link to visit website) was founded by Lutherans in the United States after World War II with a mission to work around the world to end poverty, injustice, and human suffering. When disaster strikes, LWR has a reputation for being the first on the scene to provide help and the last to leave. They are truly an incredible organization. LWR provides relief to victims when natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or fire destroy communities.
This Mission Sunday, please consider making a special contribution to support this valuable mission work. Contributions will be divided equally between the two efforts unless designated differently on your contribution.
Mission Committee Members:
Becky Olmstead, Karin Ramige, Nancy Dolezal, Cheryl McDougall, and Daris Remus