Segue – Faith & Life

Join us this Lent for a new faith & ministry opportunity.


Segue – Faith & Life: an uninterrupted transition between our faith and everyday lives will engage our senses as we live, share, follow, nourish, strengthen, heal, and companion our faith and each other utilizing Rachel Held Evans’s book, Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving and Finding the Church. 
This Bible / book study is intended for individuals who are looking to engage their faith in the midst of their busy lives, while not requiring your physical presence in one space at one time.
Each day during the season of Lent videos, questions, quotes, or Bible verses will be posted in a closed Facebook group.  Participants can engage this group in different ways, including reading the book, or watching the videos, or by responding to questions or just “liking” posts. The posts will follow the format listed below:
Video / Quotes & Questions
Quotes & Questions
The videos are from a film series Exploring the Sacraments with Rachel Held Evens created by The Work of the People. These short video clips are also based on Rachel’s book Searching for Sunday.  Other videos that will be posted highlight the materials presented and hopefully give you space and time to reflect on quotes, questions, scripture and prayers that have been posted.
Please know that you do not need to read the book to participate in this group.
Please find a level of engagement that is comfortable for you. All we ask is that you at least commit to reading and “Liking” the posts as often as possible and hopefully you will feel comfortable answering some, if not all, of the questions posed during our journey together. The more the group members comment and engage with the questions the richer the “conversation” will be.
As was noted in the Welcome post, please treat everyone with respect and honor our request to keep what is shared here within the group.


Segue – Faith & Life is Vicar Susan’s internship project and was imagined as a way to create an intentional space and opportunity for busy individuals to reflect on the ways their faith is important to and informs their everyday lives, without having to commit to adding another meeting to their already full schedule.  
If you have a Facebook account, click on the link below to join our first Segue group!


If you have any questions, please contact Vicar Susan Christianson @ or 320.292.1032.