Sunday School Announcements:
Thank you to ALL of the SS Students, Parents, and Volunteers
who helped to make this year an amazingly, fun & faith filled time together!!
Sunday, April 24th was the last Sunday of SS
for the 2021-2022 CE Year.
CLC Sunday School will begin again in September 2022!
If you have any questions or need any information regarding our SS program please contact Pastor Elizabeth Becker @ 320.864.5077 or email
We would love to have your student(s) join us anytime at CLC Sunday School!
Sunday School is held most Sundays (per yearly schedule) from 10:00am* – 11:00am.
Typical Sunday School Weekly Format:
10:00* – 10:15am
*Begins 5-10 minutes following Worship @ approx.10:00am.
Music / Large Group Opening in Fellowship Hall
10:15 – 10:50am
Rotational Classroom Time
(Students will be separated into age groups for activities in Fellowship Hall & Art classrooms.)
10:50am – 11:00am
Large Group Closing / Family Message in Fellowship Hall
Parents are welcome to join us in the Fellowship Hall for the closing and family message @ 10:50am.  If for some reason Worship ends after 10:00am, there will be no large group closing so classroom leaders have enough time to complete their activities.

Sunday School Curriculum:

Christ Lutheran Church uses the Sparkhouse Rotation classroom curriculum. 

Sparkhouse is a division of 1517 Media, the publishing ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  

The six lessons for the 2021-2022 SS year are listed below. 
For each week of the lesson the PreK through 4th Grade students will “rotate” through different classroom themes all focused on the rotation lesson.  Those classroom themes include, Art, Cooking, Drama, Games, Science, & Video.
Daniel & The Lions
Jonah & The Big Fish
All Saints
Advent & Christmas
Jesus & John the Baptist
Wedding @ Cana
Woman @ the Well
Holy Week & Easter
The Sunday School Rotational Classroom schedule can be found on this web page and will be projected each Sunday during the Worship Service announcements and included in the weekly Worship bulletin during the SS year.

If you have any questions regarding Sunday School please contact Pastor Elizabeth @ or @

Tami Alsleben (Council Liaison), Stacey Groe, Megan Hoffmann, Erin Sauter, Tiffany Simonson, Emily Walters

We would love to have your student(s) join us anytime at CLC Sunday School!
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