Worship Assistants

Gathering in Worship every Sunday
Part of Christ Lutheran Church’s mission is to Gather in Worship. This means we are dedicated to providing quality worship services that are available to everyone, in-person or online. Each Sunday’s worship service is a product of love from all of our wonderful volunteers and staff members! Without our volunteers our services would certainly not run very smoothly. So we ask each of you to consider becoming one of our worship service volunteers today!
Interested in volunteering? Email Shari O’Donnell today and let her know you want to help!
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May Worship Assistant Schedule

Sunday, May 7th
Lector: Karin Ramige
Ushers: Joan Johnson, Jeff Grant
Head Usher: Brad Hahn
Communion Assistants: Louise Carlson, Joanne Chrast, Scott Kuehn, Helper – Shari O’Donnell
Greeters: Dennis Davis, Chris Davis
Refreshments: Milestone & Fellowship Ministry Teams 
Acolyte: Porter Simonson
Sunday, May 14th
Lector: Barb Jenneke
Ushers: John Bergseng, Larry Gutknecht, Dawn Peterson
Head Usher: Becky Peterson 
Communion Assistants: Kathy Remus, Erin Sauter, Linda Simonson
Greeters: Marv Gustafson, Gloria Gustafson
Refreshments: Jon & Jodi Braband
Acolyte: TBD 
Sunday, May 21st
Lector: Trevor Kirchoff
Cantor: Jon Braband
Ushers: Bob Tibbits, Wally Rannow
Head Usher: TDB
Greeters: Bob Kaytor, Gloria Kaytor
Refreshments: Brad & Bonnie Hahn
Organist: Jeff Iverson
Sunday, May 28th
Lector: Becky Olmstead
Cantor: Vicky Harris
Ushers: Dennis Davis, Eldean Enderson
Head Usher: Connie Duenow
Communion Assistants: Tiffany Simonson, Murial Wavra, Karin Ramige, Helper – Chris Davis
Greeters: Rozanne Wavra
Refreshments: Barb Jenneke 
Acolyte: Jaxson Hoffman
Organist: Peg Hatlestad

June Worship Assistant Schedule

Sunday, June 4th
Lector: Cheryl McDougall
Cantor: Becky Peterson
Ushers: Mark Johnson, Hank Larsen
Head Usher: TBD
Communion Assistants: Linda Simonson, Chris Davis, Eldean Enderson, Helper – Becky Olmstead
Greeters: Louise Carlson
Refreshments: Hank & Judy Larsen
Organist: Vicky Harris
Sunday, June 11th
Lector: Mary Metag
Cantor: Chris Davis
Ushers: Dennis Roisum, Linda Simonson
Head Usher: TBD
Communion Assistants: Mike Sundblad, Dawn Peterson, Judy Larsen, Helper – Mary Metag
Greeters: Gloria Lovett
Refreshments: Joan Johnson & Carla Kuehn
Organist: Peg Hatlestad
Sunday, June 18th
Lector: Kathy Remus
Cantor: Dennis Davis
Ushers: Becky Olmstead, Steve Olmstead
Head Usher: TDB
Communion Assistants: Becky Peterson, Joan Johnson, Keli Foley, Helper – Shari O’Donnell
Greeters: Teresa Rannow
Refreshments: Fellowship Ministry Team
Organist: Jeff Iverson
Sunday, June 25th
Lector: Mary Stoltenburg
Cantor: Katherine Grant
Ushers: Mike Sundblad, Bob Kaytor
Head Usher: TBD
Greeters: Linda Simonson
Refreshments: Jerry & MaryJo Schimelpfenig
Organist: Chris Starr