Worship Assistants

Gathering in Worship every Sunday

A Work of Love

Each worship service is a product of love from all of our wonderful volunteers and staff members! Without our volunteers our services would certainly not run very smoothly. From Ushers and Communion Assistants to Greeters and Refreshments, each and every person who volunteers their time plays a crucial role in our services. If you feel called to give back to the church, please consider volunteering as one of our wonderful assistants!
Are you a Confirmation student looking to sign-up to assist with a Wednesday Night Service or acolyte for a Sunday service? Click the buttons below to access our online sign-up forms!
Want to start volunteering to be a Worship Assistant? Contact our office today!
Phone: (320)864-4549
Email: office@christluth.com

April Worship Assistant Schedule

Sunday, April 7th
Lector:Becky Peterson
Cantor: Katherine Grant
Head Usher: Becky Peterson
Ushers: Kurt Landin, Bob Kaytor, Roxanne Wavra
Acolyte: TBD
Communion Assistants: Joan Johnson, Carla Kuehn, Becky Olmstead, Dawn Peterson (Helper)
Organist: Vicky Harris
Greeters: Larry and Shari Anderson
Refreshments: Shawn and Tiffany Simonson
Sunday, April 14th
Lector: Dennis Davis
Cantor: Becky Peterson
Head Usher: Kevin Menning
Ushers: Brian O’Donnell, Rob Lemke
Acolyte: TBD
Communion Assistants: Chris Davis, Nancy Mellesmoen, Mary Metag, Mary Stoltenburg (Helper)
Organist: Chris Starr
Greeters: John and Pat Bergseng
Refreshments: Fran Huwe
First Communion Sunday, April 21st
Lector: Charlotte Dittmer
Cantor: Chris Davis
Head Usher: TBD
Ushers: Kevin and Peg Menning
Acolyte: TBD
Communion Assistants: Linda Simonson, LeAnn Jaster, Bonnie Hahn, Connie Heitz (Helper)
Organist: Peg Hatlestad
Greeters: Fran Huwe
Refreshments: Milestone Team
Sunday, April 28th
Lector: Barb Jenneke
Cantor: Nancy Mellesmoen
Head Usher: Connie Duenow
Ushers: Steve Olmstead, Dennis Roisum
Acolyte: TBD
Organist: Vicky Harris
Greeters: Becky and Dawn Peterson
Refreshments: Roxanne and Muriel Wavra

May Worship Assistant Schedule

Coming Soon!