Hello and Welcome!
This page is for students currently enrolled in Christ Lutheran’s Confirmation Program, and contains necessary information for completing our program.
If you or your student have not yet registered, or if you want to learn more about CLC’s Confirmation Program, click the button below to visit our Confirmation Information page!
Welcome Confirmation Students!
We are so excited to have you with us! Throughout your time in the Christ Lutheran Church Confirmation Program, you will hear all about the Good News of Jesus Christ.
On this page you can find the 2023-2024 Confirmation Calendar, the 2023-2024 Lessons Plans, Confirmation Requirements, Wednesday Class Schedule, Worship Assistants Sign-Ups, and more.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your Confirmation Guide, or email a staff member at Christ Lutheran. We are happy to help!

 Wednesday Evening Class Schedule


Wednesday Evening Schedule

Large Group Opening & Announcements
(Fellowship Hall)
5:50 PM – 6:00 PM
Small Group Classes
6:00 PM – 6:50 PM

View the 2023-2024 Confirmation Lesson Plans


Assisting With Worship Service

Part of our requirements for Confirmation is that students need to assist with a minimum of 6 worship services each year. This gets the students more familiar with how a service is run, what goes into creating a place of worship, and really engaging with their faith community. Students can assist by being Acolytes, Ushers, AV Assistants, and Lectors.
To the right, there are buttons that will take you to our online sign-up forms. Currently, only the Acolyte position is available to sign-up for on Sundays. If you wish to help in other ways on Sunday, feel free to reach out to the church office at