Connect And Share In Faith

Whether you want to grow your own faith or share it with others, we have a number of different ways to get connected!



Where would you like to start?

Ministries           Education              Fellowship             Services



Ministry is all about giving ourselves and our time to those around us.
Whether you want to volunteer your time or are in need of help, this is the place to look.


Do you have a passion for music? Want to use that passion to spread the joy and love of Christ? Then our choir may be the right place for you!

Worship Service

Worship services are a core part of our mission here at Christ Lutheran. God teaches us to gather together in praise, and we find no issues doing so! Want to assist the running of our worship services? Then follow the link below!

Bell Choir

Are you musically inclined, but don’t want to sing in front of others? Our bell choir would love to have you! Join the chorus of bells that bring a bit of cheer to our services.


“The Garden” is here for mediation, prayer, taking in the beauty of nature, reflecting, and remembering your loved ones.

Laundry Love

Laundry Love is a program available to those in need of help paying for their laundry. We provide quarters, soap and dryer sheets up to $25 per family, $15 per individual.

Abundant Table

Christ Lutheran Church is sponsoring and serving a free Community Meal on the first Wednesday of each month for all in our community and surrounding areas.

Veteran’s Wall

In May 2014, Christ Lutheran dedicated our Veterans Wall.  Past and present veterans of Christ Lutheran receiving an honorable discharge for their service to our country received an engraved name plate. 



It can be hard understanding all there is to know about Christianity.
Let us make it easier by joining one of our educational programs today!

 Sunday School

For our PreK – 6th Grade students, we hold weekly Sunday School sessions after worship. The 2022-2023 year has started, but it’s not too late to jump in! Check out the curriculum and calendar to see all the fun we have planned for this year.


Acolyte training is for all 5th grade students & any 6th – 9th grade students that have not yet had Acolyte training. This is a great way to start getting more involved in our worship services!


Starting at 7th grade, we invite all students to join our confirmation classes! You will attend weekly classes that give a more in depth look at Christianity and what it means to live as God teaches us.

Bible Study

Join us for discussions led by our Pastor! We will be taking a deeper look into the weekly worship readings and how we can interpret them.

Vacation Bible School

VBS is for all students Kindergarten – 4th grade. Join us for a fun filled week of games, crafts, songs, and more!



Building a community around yourself is important! Check out what
opportunities we have for building one today! 

Youth Fellowship

We strive to create ways for kids to come together in fellowship! If you are under the age of 18, then we have opportunities for you!

Ladies Fellowship

Connect with other women through our fellowship events! From weekly meetups to one time events, check back here to see what is coming up.

Mens Fellowship

Create a place of belonging for yourself today. Men of Christ, this is the place for you! Join us for Mens Fellowship.



We offer a number of event services. If you wish to host an event that is not listed, please reach out to us and we will discuss your options!


Let us help you make your wedding dreams come true! We have a number of services we can offer, and we’d love to discuss your options. Follow the link below for details!


Dedicated you or your child’s life to Christ today! 


Hold an event to remember the life of your loved one, or make use of our Columbarium to make a dedication for them.


Loosing a loved one is never easy. Let us make the day easier by hosting your funeral service at Christ Lutheran. We’ll do our best to make it special.